Preparation Process:

  • Once you have engaged us (signed the Letter of Authorization)
  • Provide to you a list of information needed on your company to prepare a valuation and marketing package (CBR)
  • Receive the information from you
  • Prepare the valuation: written valuation giving you a good idea of the price you can expect to sell for – but you still have final say so on asking price
  • Prepare the Profile on your business: This is generic information (one page) on your company that will not identify your company. This is the only information provided in websites, searching and talking with buyers – until a buyer is approved for Disclosure (i.e. getting the CBR). Strict adherence to this maintains confidentiality. Almost 100% of the time this procedure creates a closing in which employees, customers, competition are not aware the business has been for sale until you announce it.
  • Prepare the Confidential Business Review (“CBR”): This is information on your business that is given to a buyer after he is approved for “Disclosure” (getting the CBR). Getting approved for disclosure requires a buyer to sign a confidentiality agreement, show financial capability, and if you wish, preapproval by you before he receives the CBR.

Everything is reviewed and approved by you before we start our marketing to potential buyers.

Marketing & Selling Process (all done confidentially):

Marketing activities will include local, national and even international efforts.

Phase 1

  • Place the one page profile on our website, four national websites and over 100 regional websites
  • Email / mail the profile to 400+ attorneys, accountants, bankers
  • Mail the profile to targeted companies (if appropriate)
  • Advertise as appropriate (newspapers, magazines)
  • Contact appropriate buyers in our database (of about 7500 individuals, companies and equity groups that have already signed a confidentiality agreement and provided a financial capability and/or acquisition parameters)
  • Email profile to other brokers throughout US (if appropriate)
  • Follow-up the mailing with phone calls to most likely possible candidates

Phase 2 (continue parts of Phase 1 as appropriate)

  • “Disclosures” (providing the CBR) to approved parties. If desired, we can pass all requests for disclosure by you, in case you have some parties you don’t wish to disclose, in which case they don’t know anything other than what is in the Profile.
  • Follow-up to parties that have been disclosed for interest / no interest & reasons

Phase 3 (continue parts of Phase 1 & 2 as appropriate)

  • Arrange meetings (you and us) with interested (disclosed) parties
  • Follow-up meetings with determination of further interest / offers
  • Assist buyer with LOI format if an attorney is not yet involved
  • Assist in negotiations (we represent you) to achieve an agreed upon deal

Phase 4 (after accepted offer or Letter of Intent)

  • Facilitate due diligence and attorney / accountant involvement
  • Assist in bank financing if desired
  • Facilitate resolution of issues
  • Coordinate closing document preparation between attorneys
  • Closing