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In the link List of Businesses for Sale you will view an abbreviated description of each company that Keate Partners currently represents for sale. Further generic information is available on each company by clicking on that company’s profile link.

A Confidential Business Report (CBR) has been prepared on each company that provides detailed information on that company. However, owners of companies are concerned that information on their companies only be provided to qualified buyers and that total confidentiality be maintained.

As part of the process of maintaining confidentiality, to receive the CBR on a company requires the following disclosure procedures be satisfied by a buyer:

1) Confidentiality Agreement with the financial section completed.

2) Background information. For a company: its website address. For an individual: a resume’, LinkedIn address, or brief description of employment history. Of course, anything else you can provide regarding your acquisition interests and parameters would be helpful.

If you would like information on a particular company (indicate Profile #), please provide items 1 and 2 above and email or fax them to us. Once these forms has been provided to us, we can provide information to you.

If you are already a registered buyer with us, indicate the associate you have been working with. You may not need to provide these forms if you have previously done so.

Of course, feel free to pick-up the telephone and call us!

For buyers not familiar with the process of buying a business, please review our information on the buying process.

To send us a confidential message requesting more information, go to Contact Us.