Business Acquisitions

For over 30 years Keate Partners has assisted business buyers in the purchase of over 1000 Cincinnati and Tri-State companies. We prepare a Confidential Business Review (“CBR”) on each of the companies we represent for sale. This document provides detailed information that allows a buyer to quickly determine if he or she has interest in further exploring the possible purchase of that business.

Selling a Business

Our firm has been selling Greater Cincinnati companies for over 30 years. We understand the right way to prepare a business for its sale and the proper procedures to accomplish a sale without employees, customers or competitors learning. Our extensive marketing efforts and large database of registered buyers generates qualified buyers that leads to a successful sale at superior value.

Business Valuations

We have valued many hundreds of companies. In addition to mathematical formulas, we have access to national comparables, plus our vast experience of analyzing financial statements to provide accurate, real life valuations.

Acquisition Financing Assistance

We are in touch with many financing sources. We can help a buyer prepare a loan request package that provides most of what a bank needs to determine, within a week, if they are interested in providing financing, with a commitment letter to follow. We will normally contact a number of financing sources so the buyer has choices.

Buyer Search Projects

Primarily for companies that have defined parameters for an acquisition, we can be retained to do a local to national search of potential companies that fit their criteria. We then do an initial interview with the target company to determine their interest in selling or merging. We stay involved to manage communications between our client and target companies, and the flow of information.